It's Not Really About You

Holy marketing 2.0: New and improved!

This article agrees with my last post about marketing in the church.  I especially like this line: “Marketers force you to clarify the mission and goals of your institution, do real homework about who you serve (rather than make assumptions about them) and ask effective questions about how best to serve them.”

Do you question anything in church anymore?  Are you stone-cold confident that everything you do at church helps advance the mission of your church?  Do you even know the mission of your church?

A lot of people don’t ask question in church because the status quo is generally a lot more comfortable.  Sometimes questions produce answers we don’t want to hear, and it’s just a whole lot easier to drown them out with busywork.

I guess it doesn’t matter, though – the world’s going to end again.  This Friday, in fact.  Be ready!



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