It's Not Really About You

Hating Easter

I’ve never been to an Easter service I’ve enjoyed.  Never.

That’s probably because every Easter service I’ve ever attended hasn’t really been about Easter.  Easter usually gets lost behind the lilies, the frilly hats, the ham, the crowds of relatives and the cantatas.  Easter is about more than that.

Easter is about resurrection – something that dramatically reorients the world and the way we are called to live.  Easter frees us from the power of death so we can live as a just, peaceable and sinless People.  Easter gives us hope so we no longer have to climb over each other to get ahead. Easter is disruptive – it tears apart conventional wisdom and dismantles everything we thought we know about life. Resurrection Life is our new reality.

So can you understand why I’m so disappointed when the liturgy for Easter Sunday doesn’t rock the boat? I don’t want an affirmation of the status quo – I want a bold, visionary reordering of every aspect of life.

  • Don’t dismiss me to a potluck – commission me to feed the hungry and relentlessly give all my possessions to the poor.
  • Don’t invite me to come back for a new sermon series – plant the Word of God deep inside my soul so that I hunger no longer for bread, but for every word that proceeds from the mouth of the Father.
  • Don’t educate me about your building campaign – lift my gaze to a heavenly plane and expand my horizon beyond these four walls.
  • Don’t offer me a first-time visitor gift bag – give me Living Water so that I will never thirst again.
  • Don’t let me day continue along as planned – interrupt my routine with the groundbreaking news that Christ is Risen!

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