It's Not Really About You

Habits and       spaces

Human behavior has a gravity to it, a weight that always pulls us in one direction or another.  If you need proof, look at the last time I posted an entry and consider whether or not procrastination tends to build its own momentum over time.

Life can become the sum of your habits, if you let it.  But it’s equally true that the space between your habits – or the space where you used to house a habit – has the power to shape your life, too.

Often we assume the purpose of taking up a habit is to master something – music, baseball, woodworking –  to grasp the facts and to know the terrain.  But when you take up habits of Scripture, you are instead inviting a text to master you and grab hold of your life.  You are laying yourself bare, begging to be fully known by a God whose love is startlingly unlike anything we have ever known.  And although we fight it, we do occasionally catch a glimpse of this love out of the corner of our eye: it’s a love that tends to rattle our routines and mess up the order in our lives we have so meticulously tended to for so long.

No wonder we procrastinate.

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